Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hybrid Fx nominated for 'Team of the Year' at the Royal Television Society Awards

We are happy to announce that our Prosthetic & Makeup team for the hit BBC2 show 'Undercover Dads' have been shortlisted for the prestigious award.

It is always nice to be up for an award but this one is special as it focuses on the team involved in the show, from frontline makeup artists to the clever and talented people that design, sculpt and fabricate our lifelike silicone disguise work.

Big thanks to Dawn, Ricky and Suzanne for pulling long shifts and still managing to create awesome looking 'Mega Nannies'.

The award dinner is on June 14th.

Prosthetic Designer Mike Stringer creating a brand new fingertip for one of the Dad's.

Makeup Artist Suzanne Bates 'veeting' like a dervish.

You can catch a repeat of 'Undercover Dads' on the BBC's Iplayer